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Are you living a life that truly inspires you?

You have the power to create the life of your dreams. Our life coaching empowers you to find your purpose and achieve fulfillment in all areas of your life.



I can guide you, with decades of experience of coaching, plus offering guidance and mentorship.

  • Soul Realignment

  • If you are interested in finding out who you are at Soul level, including your life purpose as well as what is holding you back, then this reading is for you. We access the Akashic Records to  the delve into the following:

    * Deep truths about who you are

    * How you best connect to your concept of the divine

    * Your true gifts and how you can best use those

    * Blocks and restrictions that are holding your back

  • Life Coaching

  • What is working for you and what isn’t? Where are you holding yourself back? Fears are natural, but not they stop you from taking risks that will lead you to a better life. Life coaching is of value if any of the following resonate with you:

    * Frustration with your current business or career trajectory

    * High levels of stress or anxiety

    * You seek a more fulfilling and purpose driven life

  • Manifestion Empowerment

  • We are all competent manifesters. This reading will reveal areas of your life where you can consciously manifest new and more positive outcomes. Whenever you wish to get started on something new, you will have a greater awareness of how to do this in a way which is aligned with your soul. A Manifestation Blueprint reading can help with the following:

    * Attract fulfilling relationships

    * Greater focus on whatever intentions you set for yourself

    * Manifest abundance or business success


    Meet your coach

    Sheli Bowman

    Conscious Business Strategist and Soul Growth Coach

    I made the transition from stressed out corporate life to self empowered entrepreneur, and my mission is to light the fire of infinite possibilities for people everywhere. When we live to own full potential, our families, communities and the whole world benefit. When we open and step into who we are at Soul level, we access huge possibilities in all aspects of their lives. 

    I bridge a gap between the spiritual and the strategic. As a Reiki Master of 25yrs, an advanced Soul Realignment practitioner and certified life coach I’ve helped people align for many years. At the same time have an MBA and spent 3 decades as Brand Manager, Creative Director and Digital Strategy Consultant for multinationals. 

    Past Soul clients have had life changing insights from their Akashic Records readings and past strategic consulting clients have achieved 10x ROI. I’m so excited to now bring these two passions together, into one super charged program, to help people who are creating our new world paradigm to achieve phenomenal results. 


    Ready to be your best you?

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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    "Although I am familiar with the Akashic records already, I am always interested in new ways to approach them. Sheli's session gave me unique insight into characteristics of mine that are important to share with the world as well as some of the challenges that have been holding me back from doing so. I recommend a session with her if you are ready to live more fully, confidently, and authentically."

    – Katie, PhD, Hong Kong

    "Sheli told me about my past lives, my blocks, my skills, and my potential. It was an amazing experience and Sheli was of great support. The clearing work she composed for me, which I had to read for 21 consecutive days, became my mantra and I could feel my vital force restored. A great experience which I highly recommend. Sheli is a great coach she will accompany you through this journey with her delicacy and experience."

    – Francesca, Merchandiser, London 

    "Sheli helped in understanding my habit patterns in this life and revealed their root cause. She also suggested many good things and helped me in clearing my blockages. Now I have a much clearer understanding of my soul journey and the things that I need to work on to move forward. Thank you Sheli for maintaining my trust and making me feel safe during the reading. The reading was very powerful and matched really well with many aspects of my life."

    – Chhaya, Prof. of Biodiversity, Germany 

    "My session with Sheli really helped me. I'm going through a time of huge transition with significant personal losses on this plane. Learning about what has happened in a past (other life) and that I can do something about it is a revelation. I feel motivated and inspired to align with what I'm best equipped to do. Sheli also teaches really well and delivered news that could be unpalatable in a calm and empathetic way with recommendations of how to restore my soul's integrity and grow from the experience."

    – Liz, CEO, London

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